Salamba Sirsasana – The King Asana

I was inspired yesterday to work on some more hatha style yoga.  While working through a few asanas this morning I ended up going into headstand, Salamba Sirsasana.  I wrote recently about how Yogi Bhajan recommends doing the Sat Nam kriya a few minutes a day if you can do nothing else.  I remember back to my time studying Iyengar yoga and how the headstand pose was referred to as the King Asana (shoulder stand is the queen asana). Happily surprised that I still had fairly good balance in the middle of the… Read More

Kundalini Flow Class

Tonight I attended my first Kundalini Flow class, a combination of vinyasa flow and kundalini kriyas.  It was a great class and involved a lot of lunges and stretches as well as some more Kundalini style poses.  The only part of the class that threw me was that after Savasana and meditation, we still did another small set. Then, we ended dancing along to Age of Aquarius.  It was such a joyous laugh I had watching Elizabeth dancing 🙂