Reflection on 40 days of Kundalini Cleansing and Habit Breaking (and My Next 40 Days)

A while ago I wrote about starting a 40 day practice that involved the Beginners Cleansing Kriya and the Medical Meditation for Habituation. The other day I finished the set and I have a few reflections: The cleansing set worked in a very subtle way. About halfway in I began feeling to considerably lighten my diet. I realized it’s tricky to do a kriya that involves a lot of lying on your back doing breath of fire at 5 something in the morning when you don’t sleep that much. I really appreciated… Read More

40 Days of the Caliber of Life Meditation

Today begins my 40 day practice of the Caliber of Life Meditation, which helps to build a strong sadhana.  Thanks to my teacher, Gurumukh East, for the encouragement to start the practice now. I must say that the alignment of starting this practice on Kin 111 of the Mayan Calendar is beautiful, because day 20 of this practice will mark the exact radial center point of the entire sacred Tzolkin 260 day count.

Great Kundalini Workshop on Listening with Sat Siri

This weekend I had an opportunity to attend a Kundalini Yoga workshop at Radiance Yoga in VA with Sat Siri.  It was a great workshop and opened me up to the practice of Deep Listening as sung about in Japji Sahib. One of the most interesting kriyas was a back and forth of 3 minutes of talking about listening with a partner in White Tantric style.  The biggest take away for me was the instruction to learn to love the sound current of my own voice. I am looking forward to my… Read More