Kriya to Fill the Ten Bodies

Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies

I met a wonderful soul, Jah, at Gratilfy this year, who was just coming off an extended practice with the Kriya to Awaken the 10 bodies, which I’ve written about a bit before.  He’s doing some amazing new america living with the land and looking to really bring out his potential with these awesome places and people.  Practicing and sitting with him inspired this kriya, which I’m calling the Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies. The Kriya generates a good amount of energy through the primary meridians and fills the auric field.  You will feel very… Read More

Jan 7 Kundalini Class at the 729 CommUnity Center

Person doing kundalini yoga lions paw kriya in superimposed in front of a female lion

For our first class of 2013 I wanted to do a more traditional style class since a number of my new Orlando friends were coming for the first time. We started with a little pranayam: 2 min Deep Breathing 2 min Deep Breathing (holding inhale and exhale) 3 min Breath of Fire Then we did a little warm up, working through the chakras: 2 min Spinal Flex 2 min Sufi Grinds 2 min Side Twists 1 min Shoulder Shrugs 1 min Neck Rolls Once we were warmed up, we moved on to… Read More