Great Kundalini Workshop on Listening with Sat Siri

This weekend I had an opportunity to attend a Kundalini Yoga workshop at Radiance Yoga in VA with Sat Siri.  It was a great workshop and opened me up to the practice of Deep Listening as sung about in Japji Sahib. One of the most interesting kriyas was a back and forth of 3 minutes of talking about listening with a partner in White Tantric style.  The biggest take away for me was the instruction to learn to love the sound current of my own voice. I am looking forward to my… Read More

Hearing Jaap Sahib

It’s funny how when I do Jaap Sahib in the morning how I tend to hear it throughout the day. For example, this morning at breakfast there was music in the background and I kept thinking it was Jaap Sahib.  When I listened more closely I realized it was actually some pop song, but then when listening became more peripheral it sounded again like Jaap Sahib. I am taking this as a positive and blessed thing..