90 Days of Building Tolerance for Change, Self and Others

Kriya for Tolerance Illustration

In my last 40 day practice, I focused on the 12 original Sivananda asanas.  The hatha focus was great, but when it came time to set intentions for a new extended meditation period, I knew I wanted to bring a Kriya back into my daily practice. I needed something powerful that would quickly bring a high and active vibration at a molecular, whole field level.  This would make transitioning to breathwork (I recently started studying with a breath work practitioner) a lot easy and more effective.  From a practical perspective, something on the shorter side would let… Read More

Car Pranayama

Since moving to Florida for a new job I have had to do a 15 minute drive to work.  To make my time in the car as enjoyable and productive as possible I have worked out a car pranayama set. Long Breathes in and Out: The goal here is to gradually expand my lungs to full capacity Rising Breath of Fire: I start off doing as subtle a breath of fire as possible and gradually work up to a powerful breath of fire Locks and Breath Retention:  This one is potentially dangerous… Read More