Class to Strengthen the Magnetic Field and Reset the Nervous System – Blue Planetary Monkey, Jan 14

Illustration of doing a Nervous System Overhaul Kriya with Abstract Nervous System Artwork

We had our first outdoor class last night at the CommUnity Center and it was really nice.  There was just a bit of wind and we got to experience the crack between the worlds as we worked on our magnetic fields and nervous system. Here’s what we did: Preparatory Exercises for the Lungs, Magnetic Field and Deep Meditation (text description) Nervous System Overhaul (text description) Meditation – 11 minutes chanting Wahe Guru from Kundalini Sadhana album You can follow along with the first Kriya in the video below:

Deep Kundalini Meditation Class at CommUnity Center 729

This Monday we had our second Kundalini Class at the CommUnity Center 729 in Orlando.  The focus of the class was preparing for and entering into deep meditation. Here is what we did: Warm up – Ego eradicator, sufi grinds, spinal flex, sitting forward bends Preparatory Exercises for Lungs, Magnetic Field, and Deep Meditation Relaxation on back Modified Basic Breath Series (download .pdf for original set) Meditation If you’re interested in doing the Kriya from class you can follow the video below from Sat Dharam Kaur N.D.

Double Leg Lifts for Circulation, Heart, Stomach, and Lungs

This morning I was doing a morning kriya called “KY for the glands the circulation and the meditative mind.”  I like this set because it has a lot of leg exercises that pump energy into the belly. After a couple of bridge poses the set moves onto leg lifts, starting with double leg lifts.  Under the description for the double leg lift Kriya is this message it says that it is good for circulation, heart, stomach and lungs. This is a fairly tough set since it works the core pretty hard, but… Read More