My Call for a Compassionate Community

The 3HO Foundation does Global Sadhanas several times a year, often in preparation for the Solstices or other major events in the community. On May 16th, they started a new on with a call for a compassionate community.  This really struck me for two reasons: I had been doing a Kriya to Remove Inner Anger for a while now but have not been doing a formal meditation with it besides my 40 Days with Christ from A Course of Love.  This fit perfectly. I have been wanting to call for a more compassionate community… Read More

Track 4 of Kundalini Hip Hop – Rakhay Rakhanhaar

Sitting with Crossed Legs and Prayer Position Laughing

Excited to release take one of the latest track for Kundalini Hip Hop.  The song is Rakhay Rakhanhaar and it is one of the five traditional Sadhna songs. Unlike the other tracks so far, I didn’t do a full translation of the song, nor did I sing all of the Gurmukhi lines.  Nonetheless, I like it and since it’s just the demo, there will be more to come for sure. Rakhay rakhanhaar aap ubaariun Gur kee pairee paa-eh kaaj savaariun Always looking, always looking, lighting the way for the Lord’s happy children Lord… Read More

Whispering Your Way Into the Sound Current

Lotus Mudra Drawing with Squaring the Circle Phi Ratio Sacred Geometry

I wrote recently about how the Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe is one of my new favorite meditations.  In it you hold the lotus mudra whisper the Pavan Pavan mantra for 31 minutes.  There is something special about whispering and it’s subtle affect on your ethereal fields. In some ways I like whispering more than chanting at full volume because of it’s elegance.  I find that after a fairly short time period I am able to fold my consciousness into the current of sound and leave my body and energy lightly vibrating. Love it!  

A Mantra to Eliminate Enemies and Block Animosity: Aap Sahaee Hoa

I recently learned about this mantra from a Spirit Voyage blog post and knew immediately I wanted to start using it. To use it, fold your hands over your heart, left over right and chant for 11, 31, or 62 minutes. According to Yogi Bhajan the mantra will “will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever.”  In a time when pure and loving relationships are so essential I feel this mantra is key. If you’re looking to chant along with the song, I recommend Nirinjan Kaur’s beautiful version on her Adhara album.

Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe – My New Favorite Meditation

I learned this meditation during one of my recent teacher training classes, and I love it.  In short you sit with your hands in lotus mudra in front of the heart, eyes open slightly looking at the tip of the nose, and whisper the following mantra: Pawan, Pawan, Pawan, Pawan, Par Paraa, Pawan Guroo, Pawan Guroo, Wha-hay Guroo, Wha-hay Guroo, Pawan Guroo. There is something about whispering it that creates such a beautiful effect on the energy field.  I feel such a unique vibratory effect and extension of patience in this meditation. I… Read More