Teaching the Morning Sadhna Kriya

After traveling for almost a month, it was great to be in town for tonights class at the CommUnity Center.  A huge thanks to Brady for substituting for me, which is now turning into taking over most of the classes for me to accommodate my travel schedule up and down the East Coast and in and out of the country.  Another big thanks to Frank who has started to lead our group sadhna class. I chose the Kriya for Morning Sadhna for tonight for two reasons.  First, a number of the students have… Read More

Wake Up Kundalini Style!

Wake Up the Body Kriya Illustraion

If you’re ever looking for a kick start to your day, you might want to try checking out the Wake Up the Body to Handle Stress kriya.  It won’t get you out of bad quickly, but you will feel a world different when you do! An interesting note from Yogi Bhajan comes along with the Kriya: If a person in the morning does not move his body in such a way that the capacity of his body, developed during his sleeping hours, is not activated to take the stress and strain of… Read More

Hearing Jaap Sahib

It’s funny how when I do Jaap Sahib in the morning how I tend to hear it throughout the day. For example, this morning at breakfast there was music in the background and I kept thinking it was Jaap Sahib.  When I listened more closely I realized it was actually some pop song, but then when listening became more peripheral it sounded again like Jaap Sahib. I am taking this as a positive and blessed thing..