Aap Sahaee Hoa – Take 1 w/ Translation

Tonight I laid down my first take at the third song on the album, Aap Sahaee Hoa.  I downloaded the reggae sample, wrote out the lyrics and laid down the vocals in one sitting. The edit leaves a lot of room for improvement, but keeping in convention with the plan, I’m releasing the songs in stages, as they come. I’m not sure why the fade didn’t work at the end so it cuts off a bit abruptly. Nevertheless, Enjoy! Track Lyrics I did my best to write lyrics that gave a creative… Read More

Hearing Jaap Sahib

It’s funny how when I do Jaap Sahib in the morning how I tend to hear it throughout the day. For example, this morning at breakfast there was music in the background and I kept thinking it was Jaap Sahib.  When I listened more closely I realized it was actually some pop song, but then when listening became more peripheral it sounded again like Jaap Sahib. I am taking this as a positive and blessed thing..