Reflection on 40 days of Kundalini Cleansing and Habit Breaking (and My Next 40 Days)

A while ago I wrote about starting a 40 day practice that involved the Beginners Cleansing Kriya and the Medical Meditation for Habituation. The other day I finished the set and I have a few reflections: The cleansing set worked in a very subtle way. About halfway in I began feeling to considerably lighten my diet. I realized it’s tricky to do a kriya that involves a lot of lying on your back doing breath of fire at 5 something in the morning when you don’t sleep that much. I really appreciated… Read More

Charge the Pituitary Glad with the Wahe Guru Kriya

Illustration of the Wahe Guru Kriya and Ek Ong Kaur Mendala

We had another great outdoor class in the back of the CommUnity center.  It’s great to see the class grow and how many people completely new to yoga land on Kundalini as their first practice! Last night we did a short warm-up: Spinal Flex Sufi Grinds Twists w hands on shoulders Lions Paw Then went through the Wahe Guru Kriya, which involves a lot of holding one position and moving the head left to right, chanting Wahe as you move left and Guru as you move right. Then we did relaxation and… Read More

A Kriya for People Who Love Their Pituitary Gland

The other day I was looking for a kriya that focuses on the master gland system and was delighted to find the Pituitary Gland Series at the bottom of the list over on pink lotus. I really like the flow of the set and definitely the feeling during and after. The set isn’t to difficult and you can feel it working through different parts of the body. Definitely a recommended set, and now one of my favorites 🙂