Yoga for Determining Distance

Road with a mile marker

For a while now I have been practicing being able to tell distance. It started with driving in my car and using the GPS to look at something in the distance and see how many feet or miles it took to get there. With a little practice I was able to being to be able to fairly accurate tell distances of 1/4, 1/2, and 1 mile. I’m now working on up to 10 miles. Here is how I did it: Launch the map app on my phone and enter in bring up… Read More

40 Days of the Caliber of Life Meditation

Today begins my 40 day practice of the Caliber of Life Meditation, which helps to build a strong sadhana.  Thanks to my teacher, Gurumukh East, for the encouragement to start the practice now. I must say that the alignment of starting this practice on Kin 111 of the Mayan Calendar is beautiful, because day 20 of this practice will mark the exact radial center point of the entire sacred Tzolkin 260 day count.