Kundalini Class to Prepare for Yoga Nidra (followed by Long Ek Ong Kars)

The Kriya and Meditation We had a lovely class last night where we learned a Kriya to help prepare for Yoga Nidra, the deep lucid state of Yogic sleep. The kirya ends with one sleeping for at least 31 minutes. For the whole class I played theta wave deep relaxation music. This it’s not very common to rest that long (even in a Kundalini class where we often do things for a long time), I gave the students the option to sit up halfway through and do some work to move the… Read More

The Relaxations Between the Movements

I had an energy worker tell me once that the most important parts of yoga were the stillnesses between the poses where the energy field resets itself. In doing a lot of Spinal Flex set recently I have realized what I different kriya it is if you really try to go deep into the multiple periods of relaxation between many of the exercises.