My Problem with Travel and Sadhna

Plane Flying at Sunrise

2013 has seen a lot of travel for me.  In and out of the country, up and down the East Cost, often in one place for no more than a week or two at a time.  Nonetheless I have also had some amazing 40, 90 and 120 day meditations and kriyas.  Yet I have also seen the end of consistent practice while traveling. The primary causes for breaking this have been crazy hours and staying in public places where an hour of Kundalini would have been pretty inappropriate.  In 2014, I will… Read More

Teaching the Morning Sadhna Kriya

After traveling for almost a month, it was great to be in town for tonights class at the CommUnity Center.  A huge thanks to Brady for substituting for me, which is now turning into taking over most of the classes for me to accommodate my travel schedule up and down the East Coast and in and out of the country.  Another big thanks to Frank who has started to lead our group sadhna class. I chose the Kriya for Morning Sadhna for tonight for two reasons.  First, a number of the students have… Read More

Track 4 of Kundalini Hip Hop – Rakhay Rakhanhaar

Sitting with Crossed Legs and Prayer Position Laughing

Excited to release take one of the latest track for Kundalini Hip Hop.  The song is Rakhay Rakhanhaar and it is one of the five traditional Sadhna songs. Unlike the other tracks so far, I didn’t do a full translation of the song, nor did I sing all of the Gurmukhi lines.  Nonetheless, I like it and since it’s just the demo, there will be more to come for sure. Rakhay rakhanhaar aap ubaariun Gur kee pairee paa-eh kaaj savaariun Always looking, always looking, lighting the way for the Lord’s happy children Lord… Read More

Cold Showers in the North

Since moving to Florida, my morning cold showers have become something rather enjoyable.  However, being in DC this weekend, post equinox, they became a spiritual practice again. Yogi Bhajan said the colder the water the luckier you are.  He didn’t say anything about the temperature of the air, but I have a feeling he would have had something similar to say. Brrrrfrresshing