Becoming a Ghost (in Dream)

Kundalini Dream / Astral Body

I have often heard that when you die in a dream you wake up.  Well, last night I was shot in a dream and did not wake up.  I became a ghost. It was quite a powerful experience.  I still had a form (to myself) and I could touch others and they could, to different degrees sense my presence, but they could not see me.  I went to my father and told him things I never had in life and I could see other people processing my death around me.  It was really… Read More

Kundalini Class to Prepare for Yoga Nidra (followed by Long Ek Ong Kars)

The Kriya and Meditation We had a lovely class last night where we learned a Kriya to help prepare for Yoga Nidra, the deep lucid state of Yogic sleep. The kirya ends with one sleeping for at least 31 minutes. For the whole class I played theta wave deep relaxation music. This it’s not very common to rest that long (even in a Kundalini class where we often do things for a long time), I gave the students the option to sit up halfway through and do some work to move the… Read More

Wake Up Kundalini Style!

Wake Up the Body Kriya Illustraion

If you’re ever looking for a kick start to your day, you might want to try checking out the Wake Up the Body to Handle Stress kriya.  It won’t get you out of bad quickly, but you will feel a world different when you do! An interesting note from Yogi Bhajan comes along with the Kriya: If a person in the morning does not move his body in such a way that the capacity of his body, developed during his sleeping hours, is not activated to take the stress and strain of… Read More