My Call for a Compassionate Community

The 3HO Foundation does Global Sadhanas several times a year, often in preparation for the Solstices or other major events in the community. On May 16th, they started a new on with a call for a compassionate community.  This really struck me for two reasons: I had been doing a Kriya to Remove Inner Anger for a while now but have not been doing a formal meditation with it besides my 40 Days with Christ from A Course of Love.  This fit perfectly. I have been wanting to call for a more compassionate community… Read More

Reflections from 2013 White Tantra Winter Solstice

Friends at 3HO White Tantra Winter Solstice

This winter solstice I took a departure from my recent trend of visiting SacBe, Mexico and signed on to do setup crew at the 3HO White Tantra Yoga Winter Solstice, and of course stay for a week of yoga and 3 days of white tantra.  I’m posting up here a few thoughts and memories that are still with me a number of weeks after leaving. I’m so glad I went early to do setup crew.  It put me in a state of service and helped me make some amazing friends. In many ways,… Read More