Teaching the Morning Sadhna Kriya

After traveling for almost a month, it was great to be in town for tonights class at the CommUnity Center.  A huge thanks to Brady for substituting for me, which is now turning into taking over most of the classes for me to accommodate my travel schedule up and down the East Coast and in and out of the country.  Another big thanks to Frank who has started to lead our group sadhna class. I chose the Kriya for Morning Sadhna for tonight for two reasons.  First, a number of the students have… Read More

The Relaxations Between the Movements

I had an energy worker tell me once that the most important parts of yoga were the stillnesses between the poses where the energy field resets itself. In doing a lot of Spinal Flex set recently I have realized what I different kriya it is if you really try to go deep into the multiple periods of relaxation between many of the exercises.