Taking Time to Saturate

I’ve been trying to make room for the truth that even in our busiest times is when we should slow down the most.  The past few days (including today) have been jam packed with stuff to do.  Yet, I’ve found pleasant surprises and affirmations that I’ve been right on time, even when the world around me is telling me to go faster. My encouragement today is to take a moment during the day to slow down and let things go.  Saturate in the profundity that is surrounding you even when you’re not paying… Read More

Angels and a Union with a Past Self

This evening was an amazing Kundalini class at Yoga House Studio, especially after not having been to a class in a week. Two amazing insights came during class this evening, one was when we were doing a shoulder shrugging kriya and I began to feel wings shrugging and folding and unfolding behind me and began to move into the state and feeling of an angel.  As I began to enter into this state I began to understand how I have stood before on the edges of the eternal expanse of the universe… Read More