Chanting in a Geodesic Dome

This weekend I had a chance to do some yoga, dancing, and chanting in the geodesic dome at the Hostel in the Forest.  Although all were great, chanting was particularly amazing. For a long time I have sought out and appreciated spaces that allow you to use angles, surfaces, and shapes to enhance personal reverberation.  When you sit in the exact center of the hostel dome, it echoes the sound perfectly back to you.  When you walk around the dome you can chant at specific points in the sacred geometry of the… Read More

Breathing for a Buzz

As I learn more about how to move breath through the body using the locks I have begun to get quite a bit of a high from deep inhalation.  I know that this is not the goal of pranayama, but it sure is a nice added benefit. I also have found that unless I keep my spine straight (or properly curved) that I have a hard time taking a full breath.  This is nice because it is a natural motivation to keep good posture throughout the day. It’s funny.  I remember when… Read More

A Meditation to Alleviate Stress in the Body

Hold your hands facing each other a few inches away from the face at eye level. Extend your thumb and index finger next to each other and close the other three fingers.  Hold the right hand so the bottom of the right thumb at eye level and the left hand so the top of the extended left finger is at eye level and aligned with the bottom of the  right thumb. Keep your eyes wide open and far stare out between your two hands. Breathe.